Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Witcher

After finishing the great Tomb Raider (2013) I had to decide which game would be the chosen one after that.

So I chose The Witcher.

I've been in love with this series since the day it came out. But since the prices are too high when a videogame debuts I waited. And it really paid off.

I got both, the first and second games, for a few euros. It was one of those Steam pack promos.

I love those!

So. I started the game and chose to play it like an RPG instead of hack-n-slash. It gives you a kind-of-isometric-view like the old games, and it's the best.

You get to play the main story but you also have a lot of side-quests. The thing is usually you don't get lost with the hints where to go and what you should do. Because this can be tricky and a real problem in some RPGs.

All-in-all the wait to play the game paid off and I'm enjoying it. Still, I don't feel, yet, that much connection to the character. But maybe it's because I'm still at the beginning.