Sunday, 24 April 2016

Tomb Raider (2013 reboot)

I have the original Tomb Raider game.

I've spent some time saving money so I could buy it. It was expensive! And it was a joy to play!

I never finished it. Yeah..I'm that bad!

So I was a bit sceptical about the remake. We got so used to a Lara Croft, a character we all knew and cherished and then they were making a reboot and turning our world upside down!?

Who is this Lara!?

I usually only buy games when they are on sale and the price tag is under 20€ (around the same cost in dollars).

So when I saw the TR reboot for sale costing...I don't know...I think it was 5€, I got it.

It was my first Steam game.

And when I started playing it...damn! I re-descovered how I love adventure videogames!

I had yet to play this new kind of in-context-adventure videogames. I was used to a kind of gameplay and these new games are a bit different.

You don't get lost that easy, that's a bonus. I thought I'd feel a bit less freedom but no. You still feel like you can discover a lot of things, but still keep in the main story.

And you feel like you're in a true film.

I'm loving re-descovering this type of videogames and also learning all about this new Lara Croft.

She still has similar adventure skills but is less...self-aware of what she is capable of. So we kind of discover along side her what she is and is capable.

Remembering the original game and looking at this one...wooooooow

We travelled really fast in like...20 what concerns computers and videogames. I'm still wide-eyes everytime I play it. The graphics are a pure beauty to the eyes.

And it is always good when the game lets you appreciate the environment. Because some other games are also beautiful but you cannot stop the action and see the surrounds and appreciate them.

Here, in TR, you can.

I love RGPs. It's my favourite type of videogame. So it's always nice when they put some RPG's mechanics into adventure's games.

It's not that you get a better weapon, you kinda feel like you are really able to handle that new weapon.

And the thing that characterized so well the old TR games, their puzzles, it's back.

You get puzzles for the main story but also secret tombs to explore. And even if you get some hints, some helps regarding where to interact with the environment and objects, it's not always easy to understand how all those things go together.

So you still have to think.

The Steam service is cool. I was also not into trying it but it's good. Some of the cool features include being able to take screen shots during the game.

Right now I'm in one of those tomb puzzles that I have to stop and think a bit more. Lets see what comes next.