Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Witcher

After finishing the great Tomb Raider (2013) I had to decide which game would be the chosen one after that.

So I chose The Witcher.

I've been in love with this series since the day it came out. But since the prices are too high when a videogame debuts I waited. And it really paid off.

I got both, the first and second games, for a few euros. It was one of those Steam pack promos.

I love those!

So. I started the game and chose to play it like an RPG instead of hack-n-slash. It gives you a kind-of-isometric-view like the old games, and it's the best.

You get to play the main story but you also have a lot of side-quests. The thing is usually you don't get lost with the hints where to go and what you should do. Because this can be tricky and a real problem in some RPGs.

All-in-all the wait to play the game paid off and I'm enjoying it. Still, I don't feel, yet, that much connection to the character. But maybe it's because I'm still at the beginning.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Tomb Raider (2013 reboot) - Finished

All in all, my Steam stats say I spent around 24 hours playing this game.

And I tell you, all of those hours were awesome!

This Lara Croft is really not the same as the one we met all those years ago.

You feel her growing up since the first scenes and play hours until the very end.

Not only the puzzles are good and make sense. Because if the puzzles are so difficult and don't even make sense to the story that is being told, you sure will forget the game and never finish it.

That's not what happen here. You have not only good story and puzzles but the gameplay is good. The interface is easy to master and the events are well placed and mixed into the scenario and moments of the story.

Yes. The milimetric jumps are no more. But you still have to have some good skills to overcome some of the challenges.

And the achievements are one of those things that will make you come back after finishing the game.

I managed to make a good campain and finished the game with 90% already complete.

The fast travel camps are the best way to travel to specific places so you can collect what you missed the first time around.

You know when a game connects with you and you with the game?

This is one of those examples.

You feel the struggles Lara is facing and you feel like you want to help her until the end.

Back then, when the first Tomb Raider game came out the graphics were something that made us all sigh.

But this one is a feast to the eyes!

Nowadays it seems that what matters the most are the graphics and the gameplay and story are mainly forgotten. Which is bad. And what makes me still play my old PS2 games instead of new ones.

But this one, like I said before have it all.

Terrific graphics!

And even if we're already in the end of 2016 and the game is from 2013, running it and seeing all these beautiful scenarios and lightgames...is priceless.

I nominated this game for a Steam award because it really got a place in my heart.

You should go and try it too. It's on Steam for such a good price that it's a must have on your collection.