Saturday, 26 December 2015

Breath of Fire III - PSP

I bought the Breath of Fire III for PSP a long time ago. Like many other games it is waiting for me to have some time to dedicate to them.

RPGs need quite the dedication, specially the JRPGs.

If you know the Breath of Fire saga you know the games are a bit similar. I've posted already that I was playing the episode IV of the saga. I finished it and it was one of my favourite moments related to videogames.

The game was truly beautiful.

I hope that the BoF III will have the same or similar great and touching moments like we get in BoF IV.

I just started playing it. And true there is a change from the graphics from BoF III to BoF IV. Even if the PSP is like a portable PS2, the graphics are quite more old school like those from BoF IV for PS1.

But for a portable game is ok. Sometimes you make better with less than ultra extra great graphics.

The story starts too with Ryu and his famous amnesia. That's the easiest and more common way to get as attached to a character. I don't mind.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'll be going to play some Breath of Fire.